Infection Management

Reducing outbreaks through real-time monitoring

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of infection management. Each year, an estimated one in 20 hospitalized patients will contract a Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) and cost the healthcare system billions of dollars.

Aionex offers a proactive approach to infection control for nursing, housekeeping and transport staff. With patient location and tracking capabilities, and an automatic alert system, employees can know when to take appropriate precautions, such as putting on gloves, masks and other barrier precautions, to minimize exposure.

Hospitals can reduce inappropriate or unnecessary use of medical devices with radio-frequency identification (RFID) and real-time tracking technology. An indwelling catheter monitoring system gives hospitals an efficient, proactive way to identify which patients have a catheter and verify ongoing assessments and need. By tracking catheter type, placement time, care protocols and removal rules, hospitals reduce the risks of HAIs and improve quality control.

Our Infection Management Solutions help prevent the transmission and spread of new infections, decrease lengths of stay and improve patient safety and overall care.

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Case Study: Marshall Medical Centers

Aionex centralizes patient call management at two hospitals to improve operational efficiencies, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Case Study: Southwest General Hospital

Southwest General selected Aionex FOCUS Bed Capacity and Throughput, a suite of tools that ensures timely and appropriate task management.