Nurse Call

Integrated communications for caregivers

Talk isn’t cheap. In busy hospitals, nurses are frequently overwhelmed with calls that take time and attention away from patient care. The resulting low satisfaction chips away at a culture of quality.

The Aionex solution offers a unique patient concierge service, combining the traditional nurse call system with a centralized patient response center to divert non-care calls from nurses and drive workflows for patient-related requests. Staff response to tasks are easily monitored, and notifications and escalations continue until the task is completed, increasing accountability. And when the appropriate caregiver enters a patient room, the request automatically closes based on hospital-defined rules, improving productivity.

With greater responsiveness and direct communication between patients and caregivers, as well as a quieter environment that is more conducive to healing, patients are provided a better experience, helping the hospital meet quality improvement and patient satisfaction targets.

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Case Study: Marshall Medical Centers

Aionex centralizes patient call management at two hospitals to improve operational efficiencies, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Case Study: Southwest General Hospital

Southwest General selected Aionex FOCUS Bed Capacity and Throughput, a suite of tools that ensures timely and appropriate task management.