Readmission Management

Protecting patients and hospitals

In order to avoid reimbursement penalties, healthcare organizations need to be able to assist patients in properly managing their care once discharged. To do so, staff need the right tools that will identify those patients most at risk for complication and empower patients to manage their wellness through prevention and education, while creating an environment of collaboration with their caregivers across the continuum.

The Aionex Readmission Management solution minimizes hospital exposure to readmission rate penalties by identifying and proactively managing high-risk patients most likely to readmit.

Using predictive modeling technologies, high-risk patients are identified at the point of admission and monitored throughout the acute care episode, during discharge and in the immediate days post discharge. Patients complete a series of assessments, surveys and tasks, each designed to gather behavior metrics, stratify risk and enhance patient care compliance. The workflow-driven application is designed as a case management and transition care support model to help caregivers develop comprehensive discharge and outreach programs. Notifications and alert escalations assist with tasks such as medication reconciliation and remind care team members when it’s time for pre- and post-discharge follow-up.

The Readmission Management tool promotes patient accountability, engagement and satisfaction.

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