Quality Improvement

Measuring and reporting on performance

Many things impact a patient’s feeling about quality – from the cleanliness of the environment to the prompt, compassionate response of a caregiver. The goal of quality improvement is to find ways to quantify such experiences in order to gauge performance and hold providers and institutions accountable for the care they deliver.

Quality measures assess whether hospitals are using the right treatments and how those processes impact patient outcomes. Together, this determines how well a hospital is performing in the areas of safety, effectiveness of services, patient-centered care, timeliness, efficiency and accessibility.

Aionex is an efficiency solution that drives quality healthcare through a real-time safety net of alerts and protocol reminders to identify, improve and ensure quality measures for more efficient and safer outcomes. It includes the following capabilities:

  • An intuitive rules engine
  • Ability to interface with health information systems
  • Notifications and escalations system
  • RFID/Infrared technology
  • HIPAA-compliant communications and status boards

Our platform not only ensures immediate accountability and transparency of care, but transforms previously unavailable data into knowledge, resulting in the efficient use of resources and improved organizational processes.

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Case Study: Marshall Medical Centers

Aionex centralizes patient call management at two hospitals to improve operational efficiencies, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Case Study: Southwest General Hospital

Southwest General selected Aionex FOCUS Bed Capacity and Throughput, a suite of tools that ensures timely and appropriate task management.